Sailing is one of the most popular water sports all over the world. It is practiced by amateurs and professionals alike. Each year, the yacht race calendar is full of high-profile events with a great track record, attended by the best sailors in the world. Owing to Premium Yachting, anyone can be a part of it and try their hand in a professional yacht race.

Being an experienced crew, we guarantee professional competition at top level. Each event opens with an official welcome and technical briefing on security procedures and race organisation rules. It is made by qualified and licensed sailors. Then, all crews receive instruction on successful cooperation, and head to the starting line of the yacht race, with the race route being precisely designated by special race buoys. The race distance depends on the number of participating yachts and weather conditions. The presence of referees and the race committee boat makes the event appear professional.

An all-day race ends with an evening award ceremony. The entire event is held in a healthy competitive spirit, which builds good atmosphere of the event resembling the formula of professional yacht races.