One-Day Cruises on the Bay

Join us for a full-day cruise on the Gdańsk Bay! You can join our crew or create your own, and then the program and route of the cruise will be tailored to your ideas and needs.

One-Day Cruises on the Bay

Join us for a full-day cruise on the Gdańsk Bay! You can join our crew or create your own, and then the program and route of the cruise will be tailored to your ideas and needs.

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Discover the unique magic of the Bay!

One-Day Cruises on the Bay

Join us for a full-day cruise on the Gdańsk Bay! You can join our crew or create your own, and then the program and route of the cruise will be tailored to your ideas and needs.

Where are we sailing? If only Neptune allows, we will sail to Rewa and Suche Rewskiej – islands on the Bay! We have SUPs on the yacht, which will allow us to get to land! – To the islands to discover unique views, wrecks, and the magic of the Bay, and in Rewa, to have a snack or use other attractions.

The second direction of the cruise are seals and the mouth of the Vistula River – Wonderful views of hundreds of lounging mammals are a guarantee of an unforgettable experience.

The cruises will take place on Sundays in the spring and whenever the weather allows in the summer. Sign up below.

No suitable date? No problem – write to us, and we will prepare a dedicated date and program.

Key information
  • The cruise will take place on a large and comfortable yacht from the Premium Yachting fleet.
  • The cruise will start and end in Sopot – at the Marina Sopot, at the end of the pier (the price does not include pier entry ticket – 10 PLN per adult).
  • For those interested, there is an opportunity to steer the yacht and actively participate in operating the vessel.
  • Crew will have 2 SUPs available
  • Landings will be made using SUPs or RIBs (motorboats).
  • In Rewa, there is a possibility of organizing additional water activities such as SUP, windsurfing, kiteboarding, wingfoiling, and wakeboarding.
  • Upon request we can organize the same cruise, but with starting and ending point in a different city.
What in case of bad weather conditions?

We care about ensuring that your water adventure is enjoyable! We constantly monitor the weather forecasts, and if there is a threat of unfavorable conditions, we may cancel the cruise. In such cases, we have two options: (1) Reschedule the cruise for a new date, and if that is not possible or convenient for you, (2) Provide a refund.

We also have alternative options available, such as shortening the cruise or changing the itinerary, but we will only worry about this if the requested weather is unavailable. Keep your fingers crossed!

What vessels do we sail on?

The decks of Premium Yachting vessels are safe, comfortable, and designed for open sea voyages.

We have two decks on the sailboat – an outdoor and indoor area, a toilet, access to electricity, lighting, and heating. The yacht offers protection from rain, inclement weather, and excessive sunlight.

The yacht can accommodate up to 10 or 12 people.

Each yacht is equipped with safety equipment in accordance with regulations. We also provide children’s life jackets that are designed to fit the anatomy and weight of the youngest sailors. Please provide us with information about your child’s weight before the cruise.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out – we are at your disposal!

You can find description of our vessels here.

Pricing and bookings

The cost of a full-day cruise (10:00 AM-8:00 PM) is 330 PLN per person, and 230 PLN for children aged 6 to 12. Entry for children below that age is free of charge.

The price includes:

  • Costs of the yacht, marinas, and fuel
  • Professional skipper’s supervision
    Water and fruit snacks throughout
  • the cruise
  • Life jackets/blankets
  • AD&D insurance during the cruise
  • Plenty of exciting experiences
  • 2 SUPs, an inflatable flamingo available for the crew
  • Motorboat for transport – yacht – beach in Rewa, and then back on board

The price does not include:

  • Pier entrance fee (PLN 10/adult) – purchase at ticket offices or online
  • Cost of additional water attractions in Rewa – windsurfing, foil wing, kitesurfing, and other possibilities offered by the surfing base in Rewa
Program and rout of the cruise.

Start at 10:00 AM in Marina Sopot, at the end of the Sopot pier.

The final route of the cruise will be adjusted to the weather conditions, particularly the wind and wave direction, to ensure a pleasant and comfortable sailing experience. Sometimes, certain parts of the Bay are closed due to military maneuvers.

Cruise to Rewa and Suche Rewskie (Rybitwia Mielizna, Mewia Rewa):

  • After a safety briefing and instructions on yacht etiquette, we set sail into the Bay!
  • We head towards Orłowo Cliff and Gdynia, then bypass Gdynia, which presents itself best from the water, and enter the harbor. Along the way, we pass by the ships waiting at anchor.
  • Beyond Gdynia, we encounter the incredible and unique torpedo platform in Babie Doły, the ruins of a German research center established during World War II.
  • We also pass by Mechelinki, a fishing harbor, and finally reach the beautiful and exceptional Rewa! From Rewa, we sail to the buoys located near Mewia Rewa. It will be possible to approach the sandbars (islands)!!!
  • In Rewa, we will go ashore for a meal, according to everyone’s preferences, we have a few trusted spots.
  • We start to head back around 4:30 PM to ensure return to Marina Sopot before 8:00 PM, with beautiful views of the sun setting included.

Seal Cruise:

  • An alternative direction is the mouth of the Vistula River near Sobieszewo Island and the local sandbank, which has become a summer ‘base’ and resting place for seals! It’s an incredible opportunity to observe hundreds of animals in one place! We cannot reach this sandbank by SUP, but along the way, there are several places to swim safely and peacefully.
  • In this direction, we will sail around the North Port – where the largest ships in the world dock – with a bit of luck, we might be able to see them sailing, and almost certainly during loading/unloading at the port. There are always many exceptional vessels waiting at the roadstead.
  • For lunch, we will enter Górki Zachodnie and moor in one of several marinas.
  • Return: Similarly, back to Marina Sopot at 8:00 PM.
Payment terms
  • 50% of the price is payable within 3 days after booking the cruise.
  • The remaining 50% of the price is payable 20 days before the cruise.

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