Are you planning a sailing trip? Do you want to organize party on the water? You have questions? Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions that often arise before or during the sailing trip 😉


Are you planning a sailing trip? Do you want to organize party on the water? You have questions? Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions that often arise before or during the sailing trip 😉

FAQ Premium Yachting


How to book a cruise?
Ticketed cruises – simply click the “BUY TICKET ONLINE” button. If there are no available seats, it means the yacht is already full. In that case, you can choose another date or contact us through the form.
Private charters – contact us (via the form or email) with details of your desired vessel, date, and departure location. We will prepare a customized offer. Please note that our response may take a few days, as we want to ensure the availability of the yacht and skipper. We appreciate your understanding.

From time to time, we offer special promotions – make sure to follow our Facebook/Instagram page for the latest news!

What kind of yacht is it? Is it the one from the website? Will we set sail?
Yes, if we are sailing with a sailboat, we strive to set sail. We also count on the crew’s assistance in handling and maneuvering the yacht. All the photos and materials on the website are from our boats on which we sail and take you on. Sometimes the hull color or interior layout may vary, but each sailboat from the Premium Yachting fleet is similar.
What if the weather forecast is bad?
Our sailboats and motorboats are seagoing vessel, that provide comfort and safety in almost any weather conditions. If we see that the forecast is very bad (stormy winds / severe weather conditions), we will contact you approximately 48-24 hours in advance to inform you about possible changes. The changes may involve the route or the departure time, and if we don’t have an alternative proposal or if changes are not possible, the trip will have to be canceled. In such cases, you will either receive a refund of the deposit or we can reschedule for another date.

Please remember that our yacht has two decks, and the interior is heated and fully protected from adverse weather conditions.

Yes, we know that mobile weather apps provide forecasts for 7,10 or even 14 days ahead, but the level of accuracy is the same as if you would get a weather forecast from a fortune teller.

We understand the event we orginize are very important to you, but we must wait until 48 hours before the planned cruise, when the forecasts are very accurate. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Can I decorate the yacht?
Yes, you can do whatever you want with the yacht within the booked time frame! Just make sure to restore it to its initial condition at the end of the cruise! However, in our dedication to environmental responsibility it’s important that the decorations do not litter the water. We say a definite NO to confetti!
Can I change the route, extend, or shorten the cruise?
When making a reservation, let’s try to plan it in a way that minimizes the need for any changes later on. If only possible, route changes or extending the cruise are feasible even on the day of the trip. Shortening the cruise is possible as long as we can complete the planned route within the available time.

Before the cruise

Where does the cruise start and how early should I arrive before the trip?

Ticketed cruises start from Marina Sopot at the end of the pier (HERE) or in Gdańsk, near footbridge on the Wartka street (HERE). Private charters start from the location specified in the reservation.

We recommend arriving a few minutes before the scheduled departure time. Please note that especially during summer and weekends, it can be challenging to find parking space in Sopot or Gdańsk. Also, the walk along the pier takes several minutes, so please consider this when planning your arrival.

Do I have to buy ticket to the pier?

Yes, if the cruise starts in Sopot during the summer season (between April and September), you need to buy ticket to enter the pier. It’s an important element to consider, as the queue at the ticket office can take a few minutes. To streamline the process, you have the option to purchase tickets online in advance or as an add-on to your reservation with us.

Contact person on the day of the cruise?

One or two days before the cruise, you will receive instructions confirming the meeting point and contact information to the coordinator (NOTE: It is not always the skipper, as their responsibilities lie with the yacht and crew, not answering phone calls.)

How to dress for a cruise?

It’s a vast topic but basically, the attire should be comfortable! It’s best to wear shoes with a soft white sole (or go barefoot in the summer). It’s always slightly cooler on the water than on land, so it’s worth bringing an extra layer – there is space below deck to store a backpack or to warm up.

During the cruise

Can I swim during the cruise?

If the conditions are suitable and the skipper gives permission, then of course yes! However, it’s worth having more than 2 hours to fully enjoy the cruise, take a swim and make the most of your time on the water.

What do we do during the cruise?

The entire vessel is for you. The skipper takes care of your safety and will familiarize you with the basic rules at the beginning to ensure a safe and comfortable adventure for all. Everyone will find something interesting on the yacht and a place where they feel comfortable. We also invite you to actively steer the vessel! After a short instruction, anyone can become a skipper!

Can we use the yacht?

The entire vessel is for you. Most of our units have an outdoor and an indoor deck, heated and fully protected from weather conditions – where you can always seek shelter and warmth. The kitchen, dishes, all equipment and toilets, are also for your use.

Can I bring my own snacks and alcohol?

Yes, although it’s better to leave that to us, as we have great catering offers prepared for every occasion. With so many stimuli and excitement on the water – the wind, the sun, the smiles – you can do without alcohol, and then fully celebrate on land.

Can I smoke on the yacht?

We do not approve of smoking on board… but for those who cannot resist, our skipper will propose a designated smoking area.

Good to know

Do I need any sailing experience?
No, for our ticketed or private cruises on the Bay experience or sailing license is not required. For most of our clients, it is their first time on a motorboat or a yacht. Our vessels are fully equipped, sea boats that provide comfort and safety, with a professional crew on board to take care of you. We hope that your experience on the water will be enjoyable, and you may even consider planning more water-based activities in the future.
Are there any age restrictions?
No, there are no age restrictions. We provide life jackets for participants weighing as little as 5 kg, so we are prepared for both the youngest and the oldest passengers.
Can I bring my pet?

Sure, no problem. However, it is worth having a dedicated safety vest for your pet.

Can I sail in the winter?

Yes, we sail all year round! Cruistes from November to March are organized when the weather is favorable. However, remember to dress warmly and have an extra layer of clothing just in case. There is plenty of space on the yacht, so you can easily leave your backpack with belongings. During winter trips, we also provide hot tea or coffee to keep you warm.

Do I need to know how to swim?

No, our yachts are large and safe. For individuals who do not possess this skill, we recommend wearing a life jacket throughout the entire cruise.

Are there life jackets on the boat?

Yes, of course! The yacht is fully equipped in accordance with safety regulations and requirements. It also has other safety systems and mechanisms to ensure that the journey always takes place with a maximum safety and comfort. Our experienced crew will provide you with training before the trip.

Is there music on board?

Certainly! Each yacht is equipped with built-in audio system and wireless speaker, which you can connect.

And what after the cruise? What's next?

Did you enjoy the short cruise? If you liked it, we invite you to join us for more, both short and longer ones! Weekend and week-long cruises… on the Baltic Sea or around the world. Over time, you can also acquire sailing and motorboat licenses. Ahoy, the adventure awaits!

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