Having a competent crew is crucial in all aspects of life!

Who steers the yacht? The crew! Where the yacht sails – wherever we want! It’s the crew that adjusts the sail setting and route according to the wind and waves, in order to achieve set goals! (provided they have been planned realistically and responsibly) – doesn’t it sound like the beginning of a business lesson? Yes! Sailing possesses many qualities that are applicable in a company. Are you looking for an engaging form of training, motivation, or teamwork development? Take your team out on the water!

Take your team on a yacht, and we will teach you not only the basics of sailing but above all, teamwork! We will provide a clear illustration of processes – task delegation and communication, so that after the training, you can steer a seagoing yacht on your own! It sounds ambitious! Great, because goals should be ambitious! You can expect a lot of fun along with an excellent learning opportunity, supported by years of experience! An integration infused with adrenaline and fun will leave a lasting impression on your team, and we know that companies often revisit the mechanisms and processes observed during the cruise!

Over the years, we have curated ready-made scenarios tailored to groups of various sizes and diverse industries. Sometimes, all it takes is a breath of fresh air, while other times we suggest organizing regattas with a touch of healthy competition. On other occasions, we recommend comprehensive sailing training… during which participants can acquire, among other things, a motorboat and a sailing license.

Do you want your team to become an efficient crew? We will make it happen! Contact us today!