Sunset on the Yacht

A sunset cruise is one of the most magical experiences in the world! Watching the sun set over the Gdansk Bay guarantees unforgettable moments! Plan a cruise from Sopot, Gdansk, or Gdynia on board of the vessel of your choice.

Sunset in Poland is stretched out quite a bit! In the summer, it occurs after 9:00 PM, and the horizon gradually shifts. In the winter, you have to leave work early… and be on the water by 3:00 PM, but the view is always exceptional! Each season has its unique and unique colors, and the sun sets in different locations! It’s worth trying at different times of the year!

Thanks to the late sunset in the summer, you can plan your meeting after work or as a perfect ending to a day spent on the beach or after exploring Tricity. Every day is a good to get some fresh air. We can prepare snacks and delicious chilled prosecco for you to enjoy during the cruise, allowing you to savor the moment to the fullest.

When preparing for a sunset cruise, it’s always advisable to bring something warm to wear, as the sun disappearing below the horizon means losing a source of warmth and it always gets cooler. On our yachts, we always have blankets and the option to warm up! And during the autumn-winter season, we can offer coffee or tea.

After the sunset, we sail back to the Marina in Tricity, where there are plenty of activities to enjoy, such as beaches and restaurants. If you’re up for it, we can also embark on a night cruise. You won’t know if you like it until you try it! It will certainly be an exceptional experience!

Basic information::

  • Duration of the cruise – 2 hours
  • Yacht or motorboat – We will tailor it to the number of guests and your needs (possible options from 2 to 50 people)
  • We sail all year round – the sailing time is adjusted to the sunset.
  • Private charters are individually priced based on the route, duration of the cruise, date, and number of people. Contact us!
  • Onboard the yacht – bathroom, kitchen with a refrigerator, cabins, sound system, and lighting.
  • During the cruise – great fun, an opportunity to swim in the sea!

Plan your cruise today. You can see the cruise details here.