Have you ever experienced being stuck in traffic on the Hel Peninsula? Have you endured a two-hour drive from Gdańsk to Gdynia? Are you tired of the idea of going to Hel for the weekend because you end up spending more time in the car than on the beach?

For years, we’ve faced these dilemmas ourselves, trying different routes, adjusting departure times, but unfortunately, the results have been getting worse year after year, travel time increases… with no prospect of improvement when it comes to road travel…

We have a solution for you! Travel by water! Transit time from Gdynia to Jastarnia takes approximately 20 minutes! SHOCKING! Please note, the duration may vary depending on weather conditions, waves, wind, as well as the starting and ending point. Sometimes, the most important thing is to reach your destination as quickly as possible… and other times, you can simply spend a day sailing around the Bay. Your needs, including time and the number of people, always come first. We will tailor our offwr and suggest the optimal vessel for you. Our RIB can even pull up right by to your camping trailer!

Don’t worry about the amount of luggage. Our yacht, capable of crossing the Atlantic, offers enough space to accommodate even a month-long vacation! If you can’t imagine your stay without a car, we can provide one for you – but by land… Our driver will ensure its safe arrival at your destination.

We can go along any part of the Bay, between cities, harbors, and beaches. However, remember to plan everything in advance! We may not always have the optimal equipment available, and sometimes we need to adjust the itinerary according to weather conditions.

We sail all year round, so just let us know when and where we should pick you up 😉